Pictures from Jukka Hannula from Kauhava, Finland

Jukka Hannula sends the following pictures from Finland. "We have here in Finland small but active asociation: Venalaiset Owzarkat ry. (Russian Ovtcharkas Club) It is club for Caucasian, Middle Asian and South Russian Ovtcharka owners.

I am myself breeder of MAOs. The biggest problem just now is "legal" difference between Russia and Finland. Traditionally in Russia breeders cut ears and tails away from all good puppies. That is unlegal in Finland. So good dogs importing from Russia is nowadays not very popular.

Our club has unofficial shows for all Ovtcharkas. So also dogs with no tails and ears can participate these shows. We have visitors also from Russia and Estonia. I am sure in few years Ovtcharkas born in Finland will be much higher level than now.





The first mark of that are puppies at my home. I have MAO bitch DALIRA which is the best of her breed in our country. Puppies father is Afi-Abdula from Novosibirsk, Sibiria. Abdula is maybe the best MAO I have ever seen. Anyway, we have now five puppies 3 male and 2 female. Maybe they are world champions in the future...






Enclosed photos from my dog and puppies (black and white). The sand colour MAO is Afi-Abdula from Novosibirsk. Female Caucasian Varna is also from Novosibirsk. Breeder is Svetly Dom Kennel and owner Donitzeva.










best regards,

Jukka Hannula from Kauhava, Finland







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