Going for a ride with my two Caucasian Ovtcharkas is probably going to take a bigger car than this Miata! Please note that this photo answers the question of whether or not it is possible to put two LGDs into a Miata.





Tovarisch and Ilka preparing for a drive in the country -- Today's destination? Squirrel Road! Humans are expected to find their own transport.

Ilka at the ripe old age of four years. Intelligent, witty, beautiful and smart with a serious jones for the couch!


Tovarisch at four years on vacation in Idyllwild, CA. We go up a few times a year to flush LA out of our bloodstreams.

Ilka surveys the world from the highest ground she can find. This is typical of her. Despite the fact that she believes true alarms only come from Tovarisch, she always wants to be first to spot trouble.


Tovarisch guards the world from the relative safety of the porch.

Okay, so this is almost a duplicate of the other shot, but the other one was a classic guardian look, while the tongue tip made this one a winner.

More pix of my pups?

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