Despite having a tiny population in this country, there have been a surprising number of Caucasian Ovtcharkas that have turned up in pounds and shelters or have needed to be placed in new homes. If you know of, have, or would be interested in taking a rescue dog, please contact one or all of the people listed below.

The entire issue of rescue has, to the very real detriment of dogs involved, grown pathetically contentious. This behavior is obviously of no positive value to the dogs and only seems to serve political interests.

I have removed one of the rescue contacts that I had previously listed, Stacey Kubyn of COCA, because I cannot condone actions taken by her that have, in a very real and tangible way, made more difficult the lives of two rescue dogs that I have personal knowledge of.

Audrey Chalfen

Benjamin G. Levy

Rescue LGD Mailing List

Because of contacts I receive from this site, the LGD-L Mailing List that I co-own and several other sources I often hear about dogs in need of new homes. To answer this, I maintain a small, one-way, mailing list that alerts interested people to Livestock Guardian Dogs in need of new homes for whatever reasons. If you would like to receive alerts about these dogs, drop me a line at and I will add your name to the list. Mailings and the mailing list are completely confidential and are done on an as-needed basis only. Of course, you can drop the list at any time by alerting me.

Maska: Successful Rescue!

 Maska was three years old when he was brought to the same Los Angeles area shelter from which Tovarisch was adopted. A handsome dog, he was covered in mats that took hours to cut away. Maska was placeed with a family living outside Los Angeles in a rural area. Maska's job will be protecting the family and he will have 5 fenced acres to patrol and play in. Read more about the story of Maska and how he found his new home.

This is Maska with most of his mats removed.

This is me saying goodbye and good luck to this fine dog.

Angel: Successful Rescue!

Angel, an import from Russia, recently needed to find a new home. He arrived here at eight weeks and quickly outgrew his previous owners. Angel is now two years old, about 34 inches tall and somewhere north of 140 pounds! He is a friendly guy who has not shown any aggression to dog or human.

Angel was fostered by Judy Gustafson in Chehalis, Washington. Judy reported regularly on Angel's progress on LGD-L and found this strapping boy a new home. Judy worked hard giving Angel the training he missed when he was actually a size where correcting a sit was still possible!

Today Angel lives happily on a farm with sheep and several other LGDs to keep him company!

For more information on how rescues happen and why, please see the Rescue Perspectives section of this site.

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