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There are quite a few Livestock Guardian Dog breeds, many of which have left their native countries in such small numbers as to remain an almost total secret beyond their countries' borders. Others have become so accepted that they are exhibited regularly at dog shows around the world. The following is a nearly complete list of the known Livestock Guardian Dogs, their native countries or areas, and links to related WWW sites. If you have a site that you would like added to the list please e-mail me at the address at the bottom of the page.

Czechoslovakia Slovak Cuvak none available
France Great Pyrenees

GPCA Home Page

GPCC Home Page

Pyrenees Connection

Penny Pyrbred

Greece Greek Sheepdog none available
Hungary Komondor Komondor Breed FAQ


Kuvasz Information

Kuvasz Fancier's of America

Italy Maremma Sheepdog UK Northern Maremma Association
Morocco Chien de l'Atlas none available
Owczarek Podhalanski/Polish Tatra Sheepdog Tatra Club of Netherlands
Portugal Cao de Castro Laboreiro Portugese Kennel Club

Cao de Castro Laboreiro

Estrela Mountain Dog

Portugese Kennel Club

Cao da Serra da Estrela

Faidros Kennel

Rafiero do Alentejo

Portugese Kennel Club

Rumania Rumanian Sheepdog none available
Russia Caucasian Ovtcharka

Caucasian Ovtcharka Resource Center

Dima's Caucasian Ovtcharka Page

MKY Kennels (3 Russian LGD breeds)

Kaukasische Owtscharki

Il Pastore del Caucaso

Middle Asian Ovtcharka Jukka Hannula's MAOs

Middle Asian Ovtcharka International

South Russian Ovtcharka

South Russian Ovtcharka

South Russian Ovtcharka

Spain Pyrenean Mastiff Pyrenean Mastiff HomePage

Spanish Breeds

Spanish Mastiff Spanish Breeds

Spanish Mastiff

Perro de Pastor Mallorquin Spanish Breeds
Tibet Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff HomePage

Rick Eichhorn's Drakyi TMs

Tibetan Kyi Apso

Muskeg Kyi Apsos

The Tibetan Kyi Apso

Turkey Akbash Dog Akbash Dog HomePage
Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Homepage

Anatolian Shepherd Dog International

ASD-L Photo Gallery

Savaskan Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

Kangal Dog David Nelson's Kangal HomePage

Turkish LGDs but not ASDs

Yugoslavia Karst Shepherd Karst Sheepdog HomePage
Sarplaninac Sarplaninac HomePage
Livestock Guardian Dog Association Resource for all LGD breeds with information on pets and working dogs LGDA
Livestock Guardian Dog Breeds Brian Roberts' General LGD site Livestock Guarding Dog Breeds
General Information Websites The GPCC Library, Breeding Guidelines, LGDs in Action! Who could ask for more?

Library of the GPCC

Ethical Considerations for Breeding

Working Kuvasz with a Fox

Pyr Assisting with Lambing

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